Thursday, July 6, 2017


I look forward to autumn and the pungent air. The head of a cotton candy and tired. Spring good rhythm is gone and you feel quite impossible that this sometimes manage to skarppaamaan. I have not signed up to the University, the Master's scared it. Remains fully in its infancy, and somehow not currently believe in and it started to receive ideas. I guess now seriously even consider among the study failure, but I feel pretty helpless about it. I think I should just take the bull by the horns and start writing. I guess it must be something someday. The upcoming school year should be the last year as studying, at least to this degree. So, I guess I said this level, so I do not know. Time to slow job that I have.

Something success has occurred; I started last week, the sugar strike, and I have not yet repsahtanut ever! (Well, okay, once I was able to a little bit ...) I'm so hooked on sugar senseless, that kofeiiniaddiktionikaan is nothing compared to this. Three days I suffered from headaches, but now the feeling is beginning to be good. Sugar has been a big part of my diet just since childhood, and even when I did not eat just about anything, could be the only meal of my day to be half the sugar donut. So, tell me something, and sugar in a common journey. Of course I eat fruits, etc. Now, but all the goodies and added sugars is the prohibition altogether, at least for a while, until I can reasonably might learn how to eat them. If they are then no longer needs all, you never know. I think it's wishful thinking.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Life

My life has become a man! But not so good, that something huonoakin, for I am very fond of, and he did not, maybe. Yes I am thinking very rationally, that if I give this job awful lot of space in my opinion, and I do not get anything in return, must come hommalle end. This situation leads to the kind of anxiety that makes the mental jump on the walls, but not discouraging. Black is wonderful that I can finally fall in love and suffer just the usual heartaches. Of course, the thinking that it is a man not fond of, because I'm too fat and ugly and stupid.

There has been other good things. I think it has finally come to Kandi and I even had a job interview in one mission in their own field. That, too, is a bit of a waiting mode, that whether it is work or not ... Christmas season was, therefore, quite a climbing on the walls. Cures nervousness by running water in the rain and probably forced a point to go run some more.

Terrifically has therefore happened and taken place, more than what the total probably many many years. Life suppose to start last win.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Finals

That is, defects of days in this cabin! I have a very ambivalent attitude towards the issue. I have long wanted to change, and suitable for the cabin has been underway since last autumn. Not only really find a suitable, then no. In April, by chance I came across the apartment, which was not anywhere near what was originally the home and I'm looking for something else anyway as I had thought and hoped. I went to see, and there it was, my future home. I knew that my need to change here. Now, however, is moving closer to the bottom of the abdomen become a kind of feeling, that is why I would move. I have a pretty good here, and I would not want to change anything. Is the center, however, too long a journey, stomach, I hate to go by bus!

Basically, I am therefore excited to change and I'm pretty sure that the new housing to improve the quality of life, but it only jossittelija has been unleashed again. I would not be too tired to look for and visit the displays, get excited and always to be disappointed again.

I found inner peace is, therefore, been put to the test in recent times. And certainly living longer facilitate this taking over the cabin moving boxes. Should pack, but I will try to postpone it a little later. On the other hand the same effort I guess they are full of empty boxes would look like. Saved, at least for the last-minute panic, if the goods are not fit any room for mini boxes.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

loose thoughts

1. closets I cleaned and I found that I have a pile of too large or just epäistuvia pants. Throwing away or keep, that's while I'm doing a big puzzle. Closet space is so low that I did not like to retain anything in vain. On the other hand I have a hard jojoilemaan with the weight of the äkkiäkös while they may be quite suitable (even if I think about that so fat I no longer ever!). And I might be a little too hamstraajaluonne, and I just do not want to give up on good clothes, even if they do not fit me at all.

2. I read old diaries and listened to the music of my favorites ever teen Apulantaa and CMX. Nostalgic. Yes I am convinced that no one has been so difficult adolescence than I'm doing, heh. The miracle that I'm such a sane at the moment ... And in general alive.

3. I have considered the performance of the second degree, because this current now is just not good enough. I do not know where this idea comes from. For I this qualification (which has not even finished!) Any work not even applied, but only for some reason, I am of the view that they also can get. Second Degree should then somebody Law, of course. Are you interested in it, even to me? Hardly. Surely this is only when this traditional thinking, and then I'll show her. And I would do then, however, there will always be something else.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Another Sick Day

Repeat weeks sick. First, ear infection, during which the continued my activism, I stood frozen solid and wet shoes outside for more than two hours. It directly to the play with a small nose runny nose, and a couple of days ago started a terrible flu. Now the feeling is getting better. Today I was cleaning the chaos in power have been my home and washed my hair. I changed was disgusting sheets and towels are clean laundry. I baked buns coconut custard and I ate probably five just for the joy that after a long time I tasted something. And I think I'll eat for supper yet one more.

There was no time to consider all kinds, but more of them maybe another time. At the moment, immensely irritating to the new home of hunting, which has been going on since August. On the other hand I do not have nothing to worry about, but annoying is this discovery. Whenever you can find someone wonderful, then it goes to someone else. Kind of like miehissäkin :)

Thursday, February 23, 2017


The beginning of this year has been an exceptional time in some way. I have studied more than for a long time, but had time, however, to keep the "holiday" and stare at a few seasons Gilmore girls almost the tube. Or maybe these studies should say that after a long time of my activity has produced some results, that is, the concrete study credit register. So I got things ready! Perhaps the most surprised by the fact that it has been pretty easy. That's where I have been able to focus many hours in a row and the number of days in a row, and I am one of the intermediate days of the entry is also not wearing gloves thrown into the bar. And passed an exam or sent to work, even though I was unsure as to whether or not I will succeed. I've managed to cross that threshold as well as the arvosanallisesti also doing very well. I am very confused. I thought of myself as miserable as a student who does not know anything, nor will be able to learn anything. I have to admit that I seem to have been wrong.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Today has been, frankly, a shitty day. It all started with a very efficient studying five hours, the end of which returned the last of kandiopintoihin work. Homma has actually been in arrears for a year, but really already from the second year of studies. I went for lunch, gym and sauna, I came home and Rage-Raija got loose again. The Mailbox waited just poo, and the clock was suitably four and not any longer able to make a call. Aside from the Social Insurance Institution, there was a telephone least up to six. MTT was posted on the decline of the B's opinion, which I still have not received. Then I became angry and depressed when I realized maybe split the postman at one of its neighbor's box. Then you have to change the name and change at least, if that is the case. I do not yes would read anyone else's letters, but this house is home to so juntteja people that I'm not surprised someone even if they read the game. Tomorrow'll call you in the morning MTT, but I do not think that there is nobody to answer. There is so strange office hours, or essentially unpredictable. Then I find out whether start looking for new homes, and the name of kiikuttamaan exchange papers with the local register office.